Frontier Marine News

Frontier Marine Services has recently joined forces with Marine Technicians Australia (MTA), a highly regarded Naval Defence electrical shipbuilding and sustainment specialist. We are very pleased and comfortable with this relationship and look forward to continuing to provide the expected marine electrical services that our customers have learnt to trust and rely on. Frontier Marine Services anticipate growing in strength and capability with the support and knowledge of MTA Electrical Engineers, Electronics Technicians, Marine Technicians and passionate professionals who all have extensive experience in the marine electrical field. We welcome you to view the MTA website (currently under construction) to demonstrate the expanded format of what Frontier Marine Services can continue to offer our customers.
Dave and Leanne remain fully entrenched in running Frontier Marine Services and would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all of the dedicated ship managers and vessel owners that we have been in business with over the past 10+ years, without your support we could not have achieved to the standard that we have today.
Most importantly, we also want to thank our past and current staff, as without them we would be a phone service without substance. It is the people that we work with that makes a team great, each with their own skills and expertise to offer, working together within this dynamic industry to keep you all moving on the water.